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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

Deeper Wells. Always be pursuing a deeper and more personal relationship with God in Christ. We need deeper wells! There is so much living water God has for us if we would only dig deeper into Him. Deep calls out to deep. The harsher the trail and tribulation we find ourselves in, the deeper we need to dig in our wellsprings and pray in the Spirit at all times! So many souls are dried up with shallow thinking. They have not cultivated the word of God in their lives enough and have no depth, stunning their spiritual growth. The solution is not more religion and more doctrine. No, its a digging deeper in the waters of Holy Spirit to strike more living water from within. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward shallow appearance but Gods seeks the deep internal truth. This does not mean that externals are not important, we should care about how we carry ourselves, especially in temperance. But the deeper issues of the heart matter way more. Whatever is done to the outward appearance is done for man to see, and we should be careful with that. God is more concerned with what is happening in the hearts of mankind. I see many people like elaborate fountains with no depth just reused cycled water of religion. We need to be plain old wells able to hold deep waters and actually live overflowing abundant lives. You want a decoration for your well, go get a shiny bucket of a new Bible and start digging for real relationship and purpose with Jesus. Become a deeper well, I challenge you. You will see that you will thirst more for the Living God than the cares of this world.

Study Is. 12:3


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