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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

A woman’s heart is the hardest to win. You can look at a woman’s eyes and she could be in a hundred different places. A man might think he has won a womans heart by the way she looks at him and she might just be hungry or passing gas. And the man thought she was fully engaged and falling for him. Again, I say a woman’s heart is hard to win! A man can be won by his stomach but a woman is almost like chasing the wind. But that would be impossible. No one can catch the wind. And thank God there have been many who have won a woman’s heart before. If you have then you know that wonderful feeling I am talking about, for its almost like getting the chance to kiss the face of God! When those doves eyes look at you saying the words I love you. You want to run a thousand miles to rejoice for a love richly found! Man is the glory of God, oh but the woman is the glory of man! Look how the man trembles at the powerful beauty of his bride. His strength turns to mush as the power of her touch overwhelms his body! The smile she carries, the man carries within himself as his pride and joy! So many men walk with there heads down low because the smile of there wives has faded away. Give a man a chance to love you and he will love you forever oh woman. And give a woman your strength and passion oh man and she will lift you up even higher as she floats in your love! Remember God made the woman’s heart in his image. Oh to win a woman’s heart! And if you have lost her heart. And she is fed up. Only the heart of God in her can restore her love to you. It’s not in her sinful nature to submit to a man’s love and chivalry. The sinful woman takes everything from a strong man, manipulating his emotions while losing Himself to her beauty and grace. She has left many men out in the rain with just a piece of bread to keep them warm. But praise God a godly woman forgives 7 times 7 and loves the unbelieving husband into the Kingdom. The same in vice versa the husband loves the unbelieving wife into the Kingdom. God in Christ wants to win your heart. Jesus pursues you daily as the Holy Spirits strives to get your attention and love. Many of us have quenched the fire of Christ love in our lives by continuing to live in sin and evil pleasures. God has the gift of a new mind and spirit to give to you if only He could win your heart. Chasing after the pleasures of this world is a fleeting desire. Allow Gods word to speak to you today. And be wooed by the power and strength of his presence. His love is so tender for you. He lifts up His Bride up as a Husband would lift his bride up and spin her around in passionate love! Look at the joy on his face. Oh how he loves his Bride. There is a song called when a man loves a woman. When a man loves a woman he can't keep his mind on nothin' else. He'd trade the world For the good thing he's found. Change the words man and woman in those lyrics above to God and his bride. Realize it profited Jesus to lose his own life to gain the whole world. Yes, to gain you. To win your heart. Yes, He would do anything for your love, hang on a Cross to give you real love and life.

Study Prov. 30:19

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