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Proverbs of a 40 yr old man

Destroy the nest. Go to the ant, learn from their ways and become wise! Yes, take a lesson from the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants can be found throughout the US. In the forest, nests chewed into tree stumps or fallen timber aren't a problem. Carpenter ants clean up pest debris in the garden and promote composting of rotting wood. For homeowners, however, the aggressive damage done by large populations of carpenter ants can damage houses, fences, outbuildings and decks. Now don't confuse carpenter ants with termites. Carpenter ants do not eat wood as termites do. In a garden, carpenter ants feed on the honeydew (a sweet, sugary excrement) produced by aphids, scales and other plant-damaging insects. They also feed on dead insects for protein. In the home, carpenter ants will eat pet food and meats, as well as jelly, sugar, syrup and other sweets.

They have colonies of several thousand ants that seek out and destroy damp or rotting wood in which they'll make their nests. And they are very good at it. The mistake people do with these ants is to spray around the house and try to make them retreat away. No, that just makes them all the more diligent to come and invade your home with more and more ants that you cannot handle. You must destroy there nest. And you will need pest control. Is this not the same for evil spirits and demons that look to seek and destroy our lives. We need Jesus to pour out Holy Spirit over our rotting areas of our lives and send evil away from our hearts and lives. For homeowners the aggressive damage done by large populations of carpenter ants can damage houses, fences, outbuildings and decks. If we are not careful with our hearts and constantly guarding it, like the carpenter ants the demons love stolen sweet waters and sinful desires. Evil done in secret they find pleasant for food and will make there wicked nest in you. We need to be daily allowing Holy Spirit the access to the maintenance the garden of our hearts. A daily transformation that Jesus sustains and keeps the works of the devil out of our heart and mind. When an evil spirit leaves a person, it travels through the desert, looking for a place to rest. But when the demon doesn't find a place, it says, "I will go back to the home I left." When it gets there and finds the place empty, clean, and neat, it goes off and finds seven other evil spirits even worse than itself. They all come and make their home there, and the person ends up in worse shape than before. That's how it is with evil people of today. They stand no chance in behavioral modification and spraying around the house. The more you try to stop those evil thoughts on your own the more weaker you become to the onslaught sin and evil. You are trying to stop a Legion you have allowed in your life when the name of Jesus will cause these demons to scatter seven ways. Jesus goes for the wicked nest that you have allowed in your heart to fester and grow. He wants your heart and not your behavior modification, and not a provision for flesh either. He wants to cut off sin from its root in your heart to where there is no reminisce of any evil desire or passion. Just the carcasses of dead carpenter ants soon to washed away by the watering of the word you are daily receiving. Destroy the nest and you will keep the infestation of sinful desires growing in your heart and life.

Study Mark 5:9


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