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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Amazing how our distractions become our passions. That rich young ruler Jesus loved. He was disciplined in his heart and skilled in making money. Impressive young man. I have met a lot of people like this. But like this rich young ruler they have no anchor for the soul. They build more barns to fill it with more earthly things. There hearts are never satisfied. I’m sure Jesus would have loved having him around. Obviously not just for his money but for his heart. I think of Joseph of Arimathea who was also a very wealthy and rich man that actually became a disciple of Christ. Matt 27:57. He didn’t go broke becoming a disciple because we see him having the honor and privilege to bury the body of Jesus in his own tomb.( that’s a word right there hopefully one of you can speak on it. Jesus being buried in your own tomb!!!!) The rich find it hard to let go of the distraction of wealth but don’t realize how much they gain in the knowledge of Christ. You can still be wealthy and love the LORD. But like the rich young ruler we find it foolish to give every desire up and pursue Christs desire only. Money you can chase all your life and like proverbs says it flies away suddenly. But the word of God endures forever. A lasting foundation you can build your life on, even your wealth. The young ruler was obviously religious and sincere in his pursuit of righteousness. His problem was that he considered himself to be faultless concerning the Law. And this is the point that Jesus challenges.

Jesus used the man’s love of money to show how the man fell short of God’s holy standard, as do we all. The rich young ruler needed the Savior, and so do we.

Meditate Mark 10:17:31


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