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Oh To Be Wise

God designed the brain to be like a sponge and its always looking for simulation. Because of the evil in this world and the inclination we have for it; we end up destroying ourselves from the outside in. In our very own souls somewhere deep in the temple of the brain, their is a desire for eternity. A desire for purpose and meaning to this life. Live from that desire God has placed in you. Don't be like the animal that lives from its mouth, go deeper into the stomach of your heart. Work your way from the inside out and be a sponge for the things of God. You will see that nothing under the Sun will ever fulfill you. Thats because God designed the inner spiritual things to bring fulfillment. Did you know that God through His Son Jesus wants to place Himself in that desire for eternity? That exchange is fulfilled by spiritual combustion. An explosion of desire for God inside you that surpasses everything under the Sun. Christ in you the hope of Glory! Col. 1:27

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