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Oh To Be Wise

Oh To Be Wise My Lord, there is something about hearing and believing. Teach me my God to hear The Voice of the Son of God. If I hear your voice and believe in the one who sent Jesus to save me I have eternal life! Amen! Praise God all life comes from the Father and In His Son is life! Jesus thank you for so freely giving eternal life. Though I was dead in my sins you gave me real spirit and life! Even those who I have loved that have died with this life inside them will never die. Those who hear the voice of The Son of man will rejoice because the life is in the spirit not in the blood! But many are those who will hear the Voice of God and be ashamed. They will be Guilty because there was no life found in them. The name of Jesus makes my soul weep for joy!

Excerpts from John 5:24-29

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