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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

So you have found your parking space in life. You feel like this is the perfect spot to get out of the traffic of this world. Well remember, if you park front first you need to back out slowly later. If your careless you will get a lot angry honks and possibly get into an accident. So be responsible for the life God has given you. If you reverse and back in its true you will have a better view of life in front of you. But are you more suspectible to get hit in the back by lazy and jealous people. Don't get me started on those that look for spots to parallel park in. Be humble, their are some spots in life you just don't fit in. It is good thing to find a place to park and rest awhile. Put some music and meditate on Jesus. When your strength is renewed get back on the road of life, your almost to your final destination. Amen. Study Mark 6:30-34

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