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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

It is horrible to be around someone that has no self control. They get a righteous anger and turn it into evil rage. They say, have faith in God but slowly depress a room with doubt. They live a godly life but in the process bring others down and oppress weak souls. They do acts of love but you get them alone and they speak bad about their neighbor. They speak of peace in their hearts but everywhere they go they stir up hatred and strife. They are like the fig tree when you are hungry. Thought it has a lot of leaves you cannot find any fruit to eat. Jesus was hungry and no figs were found on a fig tree. He cursed it and it withered away slowly. Yes it is disapponting to be around people with beautiful bushes that have not fruit to fellowship with. They will cause you to wither away slowly if you let them. Have mercy on us Jesus. 

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