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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

There is life in the blood. With our new heart in Christ we have spiritual life flowing in our veins. The old heart was running on unhealthy blood and was prone to all kinds of sickness and sin. Our new heart, our new spirit is being renewed by faith in the blood of Jesus. Though on the outside our bodies are wasting away our inner man is being restored to the Image of Christ. Daily Jesus is doing blood work to accomplish this. Like a doctor checking our blood for sickness, Jesus is looking where in heart we are sick so He can provide healing. He has pricked our hard hearts and fresh blood overflows in repentance. We have real spirit and life now that is flowing within us. Just as life is in the blood there is hope in our faith in Christ. Where there is hope there is life. Let us come to Jesus our only hope for a pure heart. With this pure heart we will see God. Meditate Mark 2:17

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