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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I am cup of living water brimming with enthusiasm every where I go. I am spilling over with confidence in Christ that He is able to do what He has said. I have love to give, I have hope to share, and I have comfort to bring to those who need it around me. I woke up this day empty and Jesus has filled me with the Power of His Love. He is causing me to grow in the knowledge of Him and in the understanding of His Will for my life. Living blameless each day till Christ returns, I want to keep pure living water stirring within and empty myself dry at the end of the day. Oh Lord I want to wake up to a new filling of your Love, this coming from the fruit of my salvation. Having a righteous character produced in me because of overflow of the Holy Spirit in my life. I seek to bring praise to God my Father and to my Lord Jesus Christ! Meditate Phil. 1:9-11

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