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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Pass me the scissors, thanks. Give me the scalpel, making an incision right on the heart. Here on the operating table the Heavenly Surgeon does His finest of works. There is no sign of blood flow in the body. The heart has stopped beating, the mind has become unfruitful. Dead thoughts and lifeless dreams have dulled the hearts senses. It's time to prick the heart and bring it back to life! Jesus the soul surgeon puts his instruments down and blows the Holy Spirit into your body and spirit. Life begins to grow in you, fruitful thoughts and real dreams begin to inspire. The heart begins to beat again. Praise God in Christ for new life in the Spirit. But as life begins to flow, Jesus sees the left ventricle with a blockage. He decides to cut out the blockage of sin, to prick the heart and have blood flow out. The heart has become flesh, malleable to endure spiritual surgery. The hard heart from before was brittle to the touch, no earthly doctor could bring a heartbeat. Life has come and healing has just begun.

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