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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

The wise are rich because there desires are simple and easy to meet. The foolish are many times the poor who where rich at one point, but because of excessive desires leading to bad habits lost everything. They had no control of self. All day long there is a craving for more, becoming more expensive to keep up with the desires of the flesh. Be wise, better is a loaf of bread to last you a week. Than to be foolish and spend all your desire on one sweet treat. Now having no money and no food for the coming days, grumbles the soul as well as the stomach. The righteous lovingly share from their loaf of bread. God has given the righteous common sense and self control in Christ. They have enough to spare because their physical desires are held in check by Jesus holy desires in them. Just one bite of Living Bread can fill a hungry soul for eternity. Study Prov. 21:26

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