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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

The holy calling of Christ is unique in that all are called to come near to God. To come close to the consuming fire of relationship with Jesus. The fire of Holy Spirit burns hot against our sinful nature and will either bring you closer or farther away from God. We as Christians cannot force people to go near the consuming presence of God in Christ, only walk beside them and lead by example. He calls out to each one of us to come boldly and know the weighty presence of God. Being covered by his blood in the presence of the fire of Holy Spirit, we are faced with the reality that our lives need to begin to change. You can tell those who are getting closer to the fire by the tremble in their hearts for God and for others. They are totally transformed by intense holy love, growing daily in the knowledge of Christ. But many are those that stand afar off from the heat and never really burn for Christ. There is an appearance of smoke but its only from the prideful coals on top of their head. Their works of piety and self righteousness leave no fiery impression of Christ in their hearts.

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