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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Belief is a ceremonial thing. When a man and woman say I do, it is a ceremonial moment where vows are made. Belief according to your faith is necessary to fulfill all righteousness. But the life union and faithfulness to Christ is what really shows if the marriage is real and authentic. There are many couple that have gotten married on their deathbeds. Saying I do was enough to consummate the marriage, like the thief on the Cross. But others have said I do and over time love was lost. Adultery became the norm and the marriage lost it's sacredness. Many lovers have gotten in the way of faith and pride in Christ was replaced by pride in themselves. The salvation that was once declared by Christ and the believer on the altar, now finds many who have divorced the faith and trusted in another. Yes your faith has saved you, but your unfaithful love has left Christ at the altar waiting for your return. Will you come and restore the marriage of faith in Christ? Or will you follow the voice of many lovers and live a life of disbelief. You will have become a spiritual concubine instead of a pure bride of Christ. Let's believe like we once did, totally in love with Jesus. 

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