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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

We are a unique people, set apart with different values from this world. In the past God led his people of faith through priests and judges, raising up leaders to govern his people. Today, we do not rely on government to ensure our obedience to God, we have confidence in the power of God to rule man's heart. Let us not strive to be like the other nation's and people's, who want to be king over their life or have a king over them. They do not realize that you are a slave to who you give your heart to. Listen, when you choose to live for yourself or for the ways of man, you don't reject a church, a doctrine or a creed. You are rejecting the Lord Jesus as King over your life! You have become envious of wicked people and want the freedom to roam like they do in the darkness of sin. Let Holy Spirit be judge and Jesus our King. The world wants spiritual revolution, but you oh Christian should want firm resolution in King Jesus.   Study 1 Sam. 8:5-8

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