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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Man's heart because of sin is formless and void. Darkness is over their hearts, and on the surface they are superficially deep. A heart of stone floating away into an oblivion of judgment. This is when Jesus became the living word and spoke us into real existence. The Spirit of God hovers over the surface of our souls and Jesus says, let there be light! And transformation begins to take place in us. He turns a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. He speaks to our hearts and we are born again. A new creation teeming with precious spiritual life. Having righteousness, peace, and love flowing within us. Without Christ, the living word in us, we are but specs of stardust looking for a big bang of existence. Lord, I praise you that I have been fearfully remade in your image. Born again from death to life. Jesus when you look upon all that you have done in my heart, indeed you say it is very good. Study Ez. 36:26

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