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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Why should I pray? Is it going to change anything around me? Are my trials and tribulations going to go away quicker? Will a miracle happen instantly or will my circumstances stay the same? Many times I use the name of Jesus like magic, hoping to raise my hand and make my problems go away. Lord, you tell me to not worry about my life, what I will eat or drink; or about my body what will I wear. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. But my flesh is anxious for everything and its hard for my spirit to be patient. I want to impress you with my faith and my works. To inform you of things you already know about, hoping I can change your mind. Prayer is something that can become so confusing that many avoid it all together. What happens will happen, why even bother to pray? I should pray because I am child of God and I need relationship with him. We have Abba Father to love us and care for us. To be disciplined not like slaves in this world but like child of faith that is growing in righteousness. In Jesus we pray to get to know him in the power of his ressurection and the fellowship of his suffering. Praying in the Spirit is important to our life here in this world. Though alot of things we pray for seem distant, the more valuable thing is personal prayer to God in Christ. Lord, help me to stay in prayer not just for what you can do for me. But to be praying in the Spirit as much as possible getting to know your voice. I need to hear you speak to me so I can avoid the many voices of this world. Thank you Jesus for always interceding for me, and for Holy Spirit expressing my groans when I cannot speak my pleas in prayer.

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