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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, I must continue to live in you so that you can continue to live in me. Staying close in relationship with you so that my branch can bear fruit. You are the vine and I am one of your branches. There will be times where my branch is not producing spiritual fruit. The Father will prun my branch to make it grow better. But Jesus can only make fruit in me if I continue to live connected to the vine. I cannot bear spiritual fruit by myself. I see this beautiful vine growing precious fruit with thick strong branches. The leaves are green and luscious as it shines brightly in the cool of the day. Then as I look down to the grass I see this withering branch. It broke off from the tree somehow and is laying there full of fruit. Hours and days go by and the grass starts to around it and over it. To the point where you do not even see it anymore, becoming part of the ground instead of the vine. The fruit that was on the branch has rotten. It has become brittle breaking apart in the storms that pass by. Some more time has passed and now the gardener is cleaning up around the area of the vine. The gardener pruns the vine throwing away anything that has become dry. He includes this one branch that was once fruitful in the vine. But fell off fruitful and never was able to connect back to the vine. It withered away apart from vine. This will happen to us when neglect spending time with God. The cares of this world and your idleness will cause you to sway in the wind severing you away from the vine. We must stay joined to Christ and follow his teachings. If we do this, we can ask for anything we want, and it will be given to us. It will show that we are his followers by producing much fruit. This will bring honor to the Father, the great gardener of souls. We did not choose Christ, he chose us. Giving us this precious work to go and produce fruit—fruit that will last. I imagine when the sun of righteousness hits the vine of Christ just right. How beautiful the full branches of souls reflect the glory of the God and the Gospel. Jesus you are the most beautiful vine I have ever seen. The strength of your love holds us all together as many branches on one vine.

Meditate Hosea 14:6

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