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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Surges, we have surges going all throughout our body. Desires that chase us throughout the day letting us know that we are hungry, tired, stimulated, or sad. Daily we get these power surges that trip up the spiritual currents in our hearts and minds. For some anger powerfully surges, for others lust and jealousy surges out. Strong desires that ravish our flesh if left out of control. We have set up faulty wiring in our thinking and allowed sin to be birthed in our hearts. We need a power surge of the Holy Spirit to blow out our sinful thought processes. So Christ can rewire our hearts to have a steady flow of righteouness within us. A current of anger under control, a current of love under control, a current of hunger under control. God is powerful and dangerous, when his lightning strikes everything is shaken. May Christ be our surge protector to bring our spirit under his control. Read Rom. 7:24 

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