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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

There is life within you. At an outward glance you are dust, mere skin and bones. But inside you there is internal and spiritual combustion happening. There is so much life in the blood that if your outside gets punctured, it flows out powerfully. Also you have a heartbeat that beats to a timer in heaven and organs that draw energy from it's pulse. Then you have the brain that is actively synapsing moving tons of information. At fascinating speeds and processes the life within you is keeping you alive. Though outwardly you are wasting away, yes your body processes inside you are getting older and succumbing to sin and death. But your spiritual inward parts, the parts where heaven touches earth is being renewed daily. Your spirit is alive and well, though once it was dead but now is thriving with life. The Holy Spirit is keeping you alive spiritually. Imagine the amazing flow of spirit and life within you, recreating you into the image of Christ! There is life within you, can you feel it? Stand still and know that He is God.

Study John 6:63 

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