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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, I found you! I never knew something could last forever till I met you. In this world nothing last forever. People I loved have passed away. Friendships I cherished have dissipated. Money comes and flies away. My youthful vigor has diminished as my body ages. So many other things in my life have a shelf life. But when I found you or you found me, everything changed. You rule forever, Lord, and you are on your throne, ready for judgment. You judge the world fairly and treat all nations with justice. I realized your Sovereignty and how your love abides forever. What I have in Christ is so precious that my hope never disappoints. Lord, you want me to perseverance in doing good. Chasing after righteousness is seeking glory, honor, and immortality. These things will last forever. Knowing Jesus has given me eternal life now and forevermore. I will never be apart from Him again. I am forever his.

Meditate 1 Tim. 1-17

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