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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, you have awakened my conscience! I was dead in sin and all day long I did what I wanted and thought what I wanted. Giving birth to sinful desires deadening my spirit to reality. Oh but when the Grace of God open my eyes to the Gospel, I was awakened to real life! Like an alarm clock in the midnight hour, I was brought to my senses and saw the error of my ways. I wanted to repent, I want to ask for forgiveness, many times before I had no heart for change. But when Holy Spirit filled my soul and Jesus truly came to live in me, I became aware of righteousness. All I knew was sin and death, but now I had a desire to do right and live for God. I was dead living in lies, and now I am quickened to life because I live in the truth of God's word. So many people living dead, if only they could be filled with the presence of Christ like I was. There conscience would be awakened while the flesh would die to the desires of Jesus for us. The blessing of knowing Christ is the death of the flesh, and the birth of spiritual life. Be awakened my soul! Meditate Heb. 10:22

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