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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

Your faith has saved you. Because of your faith, you are now saved. May God give you peace! Jesus told this to a sinful woman who was cleaning his feet with her hair. He entered a man's home named Simon and He did not offer Jesus, his guest, any courtesy as is custom. But this sinful woman made her way in without any water and offered her tears for washing. She greeted him with a kiss, and had not stop kissing his feet since his arrival. She poured rare perfume on his feet, all this because she loved much. The great love she had shown proved that her many sins have been forgiven. But whoever has been forgiven little shows only a little love. With fresh tears of repentance I write these words knowing Jesus wants a personal relationship with us. He wants up close spiritual intimacy with us so that we can go and live our lives in peace knowing we are saved. You can handle anything if you personally know God loves you. For even the demons believe and tremble. Can you have a sense of belief without salvation? Only God knows our hearts, but I dare say do we invite God into our lives but keep at a distance? Do we actually have a saving faith that is up close and personal, our spirit and Holy Spirit, a cleansing by the Living Word Himself daily? God in Christ is wanting to cleanse all of you and not just your feet like Peter once refuted. Like the humble woman, Christ is willing to come into your filthy heart to anoint you from head to toe completely! If a person simply believes that there is a God in heaven and that’s the extent of their faith, then that person has exactly the same faith as the demons of hell. That’s not a saving faith, even though it involves a measure of belief. What has happened, God forgive us, is that we invited Jesus into our lives but we did not greet him with a humble kiss when He came in. We did not wash his feet with our repentant tears, nor did we pour out rare moans of perfume from the soul. I guess we were forgiven little so we should only show little love. May it not be so from this day forward. Because of our close daily relationship with Christ we can go in peace knowing that we know Him who has eternal life. As proof, we have holy kisses all over us, pure living water inside us, and we are dripping in the anointing oil of Holy Spirit. The gift of faith has saved us. Amen.

Study Luke 7:50

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