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Friday Zoom Battle Prayer 10/20/23

Friday morning zoom Battle Prayer is on! Let’s do this! New week, with same great theme and topic. Come join with brothers in Christ and let’s grow together in the knowledge of Jesus. The LORD is raising up men that understand the times they are living in and want to pursue stronger relationship with God and each other.

This new week we are continuing in our series on the Miracles of Jesus.

Overall Theme: The Miracles of Jesus

Topics this week:

Jesus cured a woman who had been afflicted for eighteen years (Luke 13:10-17).

Jesus cured a man of dropsy (Luke 14:1-4).

Jesus cleansed ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19).

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead (John 11:35-46).

A coin is made to appear in the mouth of a fish to pay for Jesus' and Peter's temple tax (Matthew 17:24 - 27).

Christ heals a blind man as he travels into Jericho (Luke 18:35 - 43).

As Christ is leaving Jericho he causes two blind men to regain their sight (Matthew 20:29 - 34, Mark 10:46 - 52).

Jesus, on the Friday before his death, curses a fig tree (Mark 11:12 - 14, 20 - 22, Matthew 21:19 - 22). The tree dies and is noticed by the disciples the next day.

Peter, while the arrest is taking place, cuts off the right ear of a servant named Malchus. The Lord quickly heals the ear and chastises Peter (Luke 22:49 - 51).

Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-12, John 20:1-10)

Catching of the fish after the Resurrection (John 21:1-14)

When performing supernatural acts of love and power, Jesus revealed His Divine Nature, limitless compassion, absolute authority over nature, and showed that He is the Son of God and the promised Messiah. These miracles will build your faith and prepare you to receive your miracle today, as Jesus is unchanged and still does miracles to save and heal us. Come in the morning and be refreshed with godly men in fellowship with Jesus Christ.

Friday morning zoom battle prayer link:

5:00am-6:00am. Come and go as you can. See you in the morning. Link is also available on the ministry website

Battle music link for the morning:

Remember battle prayer notes are available on ministry forum after zoom session:

Battle prayer- Mens Giving this month is for our brother Johnny Wyatte. If you are able please read and help meet the need.

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