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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

If you shave a women's hair off are they a man? Or if you grow a man's hair out are they now a woman? Amazing how men and women have so many similar features yet are so different. Culture has a way of influencing you depending where you are raised and the family your in. But yet still gender identity is such a amazing concept to think about. Scripture says Man was created first and woman came from man. But God did not repeat that process. He made woman the incubator for man and women to be born and move and have there being. The physical man has very distinct features different from women. The times we are living in now, their is science that can actually physically alter a man or woman to their desired gender. God has to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for his judgment on them because here in our time we have invented new ways transgress Gods commands. If you don't believe in God than this statement should not bother you. But as a believer it should open our eyes to what identity really means. The world craves identity and apart from God they are left with the every-changing spirit of the age. This is very hard thing to deal with in Gods word. Identity is everything to the heart of every human. We all are looking for purpose, place, meaning and identity. Christians call it eternity in our hearts. A desire to want to live forever and survive. I can't help but listen to a world that wants to be heard. So many problems and questions, people struggling with answers. Sin has distorted Gods word but in Christ He is restoring his image in humanity. Jesus once said that in heaven we will be like angels. Neither in marriage or being given into marriage. Here on earth God has given us this expression of his love to share with each other. Again, identity in heaven comes from our relationship with Jesus. Now that's deep, deeper than the superficial levels of sex and gender. More than what our bodies feel and experience. More than what we see and what culture appropriates. I think we need to take identity serious, Sodom and Gomorrah didn't and we are far pass this in our culture. I am always amazed when I hear believers overcome sin in their lives. Denying themselves and living for God and his word. Humanity has always wanted to the beast of the field and the birds of the of the air or even a creature of the sea. Nature is within and from dust were we made from and dust we will return. But God wanted us to see we were meant to be more than just animals, actually sons and daughters of God. Jesus came to our world to live among us and put on our identity of sin and death. Cursing it and giving it back to the devil and his angels where it belongs. He blessed humanity when he died and rose again as a human going straight to the Right hand of the Father. God wants our identity to come from Jesus. To die to self and the wicked desires culture is producing generation after generation. God has expounded his word through the life and words of Christ. Called to a higher calling, will we move towards the spirit of the age or the Spirit of Christ? The world is looking for identity and they are using sin as there excuse to disobey God. Playing politics will in no way lead people to Christ. Only a regenerated spirit will do. Both man and woman need to be born again. Not man and woman coming from man and woman. But people born again in the Holy Spirit. More than just a behavior change or physical change. An actually supernatural experience where renewal of the mind occurs. Children of God born of the spirit first and not of the flesh. Jesus is making all things new. Don't hold on to this world so much that it pulls you away from an identity that comes from God who originally created you. God help us, to understand the worlds identity crisis and not judge. One heart at a time God is making godly men and women. Born again, leaving behind a life of sin and pursuing real relationship with God in Christ. Jesus is the Living Word, and he calls male and female to Himself. I see a father and mother adopting a baby from a surrogate mother. Its in travail as the Spirit of Christ is renewing the most inward parts of this baby. When its finally born and held by its parents. Its perfect, born of the Spirit. Male and female he created them. Find your identity as you look into your Heavenly Fathers eyes.

Meditate Eph. 1:5


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