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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, like the thief on the Cross I feel like I want redemption. I don't deserve to be with you in paradise. Just remember me when you get into your Kingdom. Let me be just a pillar in your temple, a fly on the wall so that I can behold your glory everyday. You have have forgiven me so swiftly that you don't even request me to write all my wrongs. How could I, I have sinned so much and owe so much. Only Christ could pay such a large debt to society and to my loved ones. Such a wretched sinner I am, I do not deserve such grace. But you say your Cross is enough for payment and with the time I have left to bear my Cross, I will testify of your wondrous love! Paradise is being with you Jesus. I humbled by your complete justice and mercy. The peace it has produced in me gives me the strength carry on.

Meditate Luke 23:43


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