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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

How can one be born again? I was and I thank God for the birth of Christ in me every day! Another year has passed and though I get physical older I know I am being spiritual renewed every day. Growing wiser unto salvation, know Jesus Christ my LORD in a more personal way. I am aging like fine wine in the spirit though my body is spoiling away. I feel it in my bones death wants to settle in, time wants to catch up with me. This is why birthdays are important to remember and cherish. To number our days that we live and thank God for being born again. How can one be born again. I was and I thank God for the birth of Christ in me everyday. It’s only by his grace that I am not dead. Only by his mercy that I have anything good in my life. If it was up to me I would have destroyed by my sinful desires. I look around and I see blessings given to me by my God. Thank you LORD, thank you LORD. Travail in me oh God, thank Christ be fully formed in me! Happy Birthday Jesus! Another year to celebrate your birth of righteousness in me!

Meditate Titus 3:5


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