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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Bubbles, LORD. I see bubbles of prayer floating into the sky drifting into your presence. I am a child of faith at heart I see a bubble wand on my prayer hands to you LORD. Where do my prayers go oh LORD? Does every prayer make it to you safely? I feel they can pop so easily by the winds of strife or by the evil fowls of the air. I do not care though, I love making bubbles of prayer to you, you are so worthy of much bubbles to fill the atmosphere with praise and petition. I lift my hands to you LORD in honor and glory. Won't you come fill me with grace and mercy? I need it for today and everyday. You are my Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of prayer in Jesus name. I can blow bubbles of prayer knowing they will rise to you in throne room. I see you high and lifted up Jesus as you receive my prayer into your Spirit and warm me with love and touch. Pick me up closer to your presence, today I want to waive closer my prayer hands to you. Bubbles of praise to splash on your face and wet kisses to burst on your cheek. Turn the other cheek LORD I have another bubble of prayer to splash on you. I am your child of faith, thank you for being my God! It is because of you I get to enjoy being apart of the family of God. My mouth will declare the praise of the LORD; let every creature bless His holy name forever and ever.

Meditate Ps. 48:10


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