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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

A candle light in darkness. The world is harsh and cruel. Dark spirits roam the earth at night, even in daylight there is no shame or repentance. God in Christ lit a fire on the Cross that can never be quenched. A holy fire for human candles to shine his holy light. The winds of strife howl even at midday. I see a candle flickering in the wind trying to be a light in this world. Sometimes it goes out, but then the smoke rises to the nostrils of our Great King. He then pours out Holy Spirit and the candle of our hearts are lit up once again. He even uses us to light one another as we share our positive spirit with one another. So many walk in this dark world stumbling over everything. And are not able to get up again up out of there sins. Be the light, be the positive and uplifting light that helps people see the light of Christ. Be that candle light of righteousness in a evil and dark world. We are to light up the path for those who come after us who by faith hear the calling of Jesus. People need to see what a man or woman trusting in the LORD looks like. It’s cold and windy and souls have become frozen with fear and sorrow. But Jesus can light up any poor soul from cold to hot. A holy fervor that melts away anything holding us back. Shine Jesus shine in me. Keep me lit as a candle in the wind. You are the candle holder and I am your candle. Give me the holy fire to be your light in this world.


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