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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I would rather be Batman in the shadows than Superman out in the open. As funny as that sounds, it’s a great depiction of many of us how we serve the LORD. We are called by God to do supernatural things as ordinary people. The real Superman is Jesus but his power living in us allows us to do the impossible. Jesus said greater things we will do if only we just believed! People need to see a man of God. How it looks like to be a godly person in a broken world. That person will inspire others because of what the power of the Gospel can do. We need to be Superman out in the open and bear the name for all to see. But there is also times we need to be Batman. We need to decrease and Christ must increase. We need to reflect back in the shadows, doing the hard work and not needing the recognition. Not letting the right hand know what the left hand is doing. Many things we do for the LORD we will never get praise, we will never get honor, and we will never get paid back. Our reward is Jesus himself and he will reward us with the resurrection of the righteousness. He has blessings for us that we cannot even comprehend. Though times get tough and appreciation for your hard work is never given. The LORD sees how hard you work for your church, your family, your friends and neighbors. Batman understood the sacrifice was for the greater good, and his character strived to make peace with that. We must strive to live a supernatural life so that the power of God working in a broken world can be seen. But also we must be faithful to the upward call of Christ, that no matter happens we will serve the LORD. There are super hero’s every day that never get a thank you. Policeman, doctors, lawyers, and judges. Armed military, fire fighters, and governors. They deserve the praise of a job well done. But also the ones in the background are hero‘s like teachers, pastors, and social workers. The plumber, the construction worker, and the small business owner. Each have a part to play in our society, as God uses everyone to be a Superman or a Batman. The key to this knowledge is understanding how the Gospel of Jesus can be shared through our distinct roles. Whether it be through our churches or through our work place. We are called to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Only with the real Superman in us can we truly be a humble Batman on this Gotham world. Meditate Matt. 28:18


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