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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Moses spoke again to the Israelites that day in the plains of Moab. Duet. 30:1

The commandment that I am giving to you today is not too difficult for you. It is not too hard for what you are able to do. It is not in heaven. You do not have to ask this. “Who will go up to heaven and bring it down for us? Then we will hear it and we will do it.” It is not on the other side of the sea, so you do not have to ask this question. “Who will go across the sea to get it? Then they can bring it to us. And we can hear it and we can do it.” No, the words are very near to you. They are in your minds and you can speak about them. So, you can obey them too. Yes, Moses told them that to obey the commands was possible. They were not hard to do. They were not too difficult for the people to obey. The commands were not beyond their reach. They did not need an agent to go into heaven to get them. The commands were not such a long way away that someone needed to fetch them. Perhaps this means that they did not need someone to explain the commands to them. They could easily understand the commands. The commands were practical and they could obey them. They could not say that they did not know the commands. They had no excuse not to obey the LORD’s commands. They knew the words and they could speak them. What it comes down to is the people had a clear choice as do we. The Words of God in Scripture have always been life and blessing. If you practice righteousness you will reap righteousness. And more than that you will reap more of Gods presence in your life. The Old Testament was a shadow of things to come. When Jesus came and died on the Cross He fulfilled prophesy, becoming the Living Word of God for us! The word had always been near our hearts but the spirit of God could not strive with man. What the law of God could not do in us because of sin Jesus fulfilled for us. Now we have the opportunity to know God with no strings attached of the law and perfection. We can know Jesus the Living Word in our hearts as He continues to write his laws of love in our heart. Becoming more like Him every day. We are responsible though for what we chose this day. Either we could choose to live in Christ or we could choose death. If we chose to live, then we would have good things in their lives. If we chose death, then we would suffer the bad things of death. God is not very far, his Living Word Jesus is in our hearts. Choose Him today.

Meditate Acts 7:27


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