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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The fool says there is no God and it is best revealed through there intentions. There lives may be sound but their hearts are continual wicked. Sooner or later whats tearing them apart on the inside will show painfully on the outside. A fool is someone who tries to look at life disconnected from God. To the Christian reality comes from God and not social constructs. When you disconnect the fear of the LORD you get a lot of unintended consequences. If you say their is no God, aside from not knowing why you are here, what you are for, and where you are going. Other than these major decisions you could know a lot. But no restraints on the heart and no reverence for God can take you places you never really wanted to go. That's why even our intentions can be in a good place but if not under the covering of God's wisdom we suffer. It is very foolish not to moderate the intentions of your heart with Gods. I drove recently down a major highway single-lane both sides going 55 mph. And suddenly a family of ducks were crossing the road. I was like why God. These baby ducks and there mother took the worst time to cross the road. So reckless, they do not see the danger they have put them selves in. Am I going to kill myself to avoid these ducks on the road? In a split second my intentions took over. If I could I was going to slow down and at least try to avoid hitting them. The other person driving at the other side slowed and swerved just missing them as they safely avoided other trucks and my car. I praised God that the ducks crossed safely as I swerved past them in a hurry. I said to myself in jest, wow the fear the Lord is real. May my intentions never run over the innocence and pure glory of God's Sovereignty. Of course, there are times in life where by mistake or ignorance we run over the baby ducks on the road of life. But God help us, if we know to do right and we do not do it. Purposely running over what is sacred and holy to God, yes even through our intentions. Meditate James 4:17


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