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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Learning to be content but still being desperate. Many of us are use to not having enough or barely making it by. We worry and stress as we become desperate for a miracle as we begin to let go and let God. The LORD stretches to show us live is more than just the body and earthly needs. We truly grow in Christ when we see that things don't have a hold on us like we thought they did. The things we do not have we learn to make due and realize that what God has given us is truly enough. Now the other side of this is learning to be content but still being desperate. It becomes so easy to settle and lose that desperate need for God when you have your barns filled with plenty. Yes, the LORD has blessed you and given you abundance. But it will rot like heart without that desperate need for God. So many people I meet have more than enough and with their barns full and have no need for God at all. No need for church, no need to fellowship, no need to serve the Kingdom, and no need to help their neighbor. Blessings have made them fat and in need of nothing. They have already received there reward sadly. Oh but to be content and still desperate The LORD can use you as a refreshing stream whom He refreshes so you can refresh others. This is difficult to say the least. For I have learned much about having nothing and making best with what you have. But when you have in abundance the tendency is there trust in what you have or what God has given you. Instead of always depending on God for not just for earthly needs but for spiritual needs in us and around us. No having the spirit of poverty in this generation is killing us. We have plenty but don't realize we are miserable, naked and blind to the heavenly things that matter.

Meditate Matt. 5:3


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