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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Oh bless this hour of prayer. Come to us and bring your sweet smiling presence Jesus. Give to every heart your heavenly dew of grace as we turn aside from our earthly day. Casting our cares and burdens on you, our spirits feel light and refreshed by the rest from works you provide. We believe all your promises are true LORD. That is why seek you and find you in amazing ways. Before your throne room we ask and receive. At your mercy seat I find grace for my time of need. Your blood Jesus shed for me covers me sin and shame allowing me to come forward in your presence. You are the eternal King of Kings that never leaves nor forsakes. Beneath the shadow of the Almighty the weak find support and the mourners cheer. Oh God, Help all their cross to bear. You are the source of Life and the spring of Joy.

Meditate Rev. 7:17


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