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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

It was God’s purpose to choose you to belong to him. The Holy Spirit has made you holy, because Jesus Christ has made you clean from sin by his blood. By his blood refers to Jesus death on the cross.

In the Old Covenant, the priest splashed blood on people when they promised to obey God. The blood came from a special animal that the priest sacrificed. People sin when they do things against God or other people. When a person becomes a Christian, God forgives all his or her past sins. But Christians do not always obey God and need to be in relationship with Christ to ask for forgiveness every day. Jesus died as a sacrifice to make each person clean from sin. His blood was poured out so we can have redemption for our sins. The blood of bulls and goats could not provide the grace we needed under the justice of God. Life is in the blood, and the blood of Christ not only provides the grace that we need. It also provides the peace we need with God. Jesus is alive, the very same blood in his veins is in us. He is the very life blood of our faith and total existence. Study Leviticus 17:11


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