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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Heart worms. The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil you have bitten had worms in it. It is far more expensive to treat heart worm's than it is to prevent it. Sin and death has wormed it's way to your heart and mind, and only the blood of Christ's will do. Without Jesus your only delaying the inevitable total destruction of the heart. You cannot remove the presence of heart worms yourself. Sin must be carefully and supernaturally removed through the Holy Spirit. Being cleansed by the blood of Christ and removing all traces evil desires within you. Allowing the heart to rebuild again and pump pure spiritual life. The salve of Holy Spirit is a preventative medicine to the soul reducing the impact of human error and folly. Sinful desires are like worms in your life. One in particular is the hook worm. Famous for sucking the life out of you, causing internal blood loss and purpose. Then you have the tapeworm, that steals your basic nutrients for living and damages your spiritual organs that God gave you to live from: faith, hope and love. Most common spiritual heart worm is the round worm. After much neglect and idleness, a spaghetti like amount affects your spiritual breathing, choking your spiritual disciplines right out of your life. Also your intestines become blocked and what your suppose to expel out of your life is the filth your constantly living in. Ponder this deep spiritual thought. The blood of Christ is so powerful He alone can destroy sin and evil even now as I am writing. The problem with this is that every person is a sinner and deserves hell. For all have sin and have bitten of the forbidden fruit of knowledge and evil. If God was to destroy sin all at once all mankind including me and you would be destroyed. So then, the blood of Christ must be applied according to the wisdom and knowledge of God. Only God alone can purify every heart from the worm of sin and then have a day for the total destruction of sin and death. Soon one day the true worm of sin will be exposed to all the world. And those still found with the traces of spiritual parasites will be consumed altogether by the unquenchable judgment fire of Christ.

Study Is. 51:8


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