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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

Look at the bird flying across the sky. It cannot stop midair lest it falls to the ground. It cannot pause and then continue to fly. An insult is like the bird, because an insult continues to cause trouble. Perhaps the insult was only one word. Perhaps you spoke that word many months ago. But the insult upset your friend. And they are still unhappy. You ought to go to your friend. Ask them to forgive you. Otherwise, your stupid insult will continue to cause trouble. LORD help us to not be hateful and insult people just because they are hateful and insulting to us. Instead, let me treat everyone with kindness. We are God's chosen ones, and you will bless us.

If we are insulted because you bear the name of Christ, you will be blessed, for the glorious Spirit of God rests upon us.

Study Prov. 12:16


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