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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

We are going to close out the proverb we have been going over the last few days. Returning back to this fish that was at first pulling to be free from its captor. Then was dragged away because it lost its will and strength to fight. Following that we pictured a fish hooked once again causing its own blood to be surrounding it. Now today I want to focus on a fish with no blood left to bleed. It has stopped fighting back the hook, and has become accustomed to the tasty morsel it devours. The hook slowly has caused much damage to the fish and though it gets free every time after eating that treat it injures itself more and more. The cut deepens and the hook brings on more and more blood. Until the fish has not realized that the desire is stealing his very life. There is no more blood left to bleed, and its strength to live is gone. The hook comes and desire consumes the fish. No longer able to withstand, it is dragged off to its death. For the Christian this analogy can relate. You see as long we have guilt and shame, the blood that encircles us is covered by the blood of Christ. But sin has a way of stealing the life from us slowly and deceitfully. Leaving us weak against temptation and desire. Where there is no shedding of blood there is no remissions of sins. Once sin and desire steals away our joy of salvation, our guilt and shame begins to dissipate. Willful sin begins to take our strength away and we trample over the blood of Jesus which is there to cover us. Like the fish we have become numb to the hook avoiding much guilt and shame. So much so we take pride in doing evil slowly dying in our own blood and iniquity. Until now their is no lifeblood in you from Christ. Quenching the life of Holy Spirit that was given to you by the gift of faith. Look at the fish again, see its strength all gone with the morsel it wanted still on its lips. Its loss its strength even to swallow. The hook then comes sinking deeper than before. God help us to feel the hook of guilt and shame of our sins. In sin did our mothers conceive us. LORD Jesus cover us with your shed blood! We need your life in us to overcome sin and the devil. Touch and heal our lips with your holy coal from your altar. They were torn apart by hook and sinful desire. Yes, keep me flowing upstream away from sin and death and into your Holy River of heaven. Soon I rest forever wading in peaceful waters of Righteousness.

Study Isaiah 6:6-8

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