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Proverbs of a 38 yr old man

Bring back chivalry. In days gone by, chivalry was expected in a polite society. But, with cultural norms always shifting it can be difficult to know whether chivalry is still expected or not in our many aspects of life. The good thing is that we have Scripture that has stood the test of time to guide and lead us. God has a way for us to live in respect and honor for one another with love. When chivalry is dead, the hearts of mankind are dead in their own selfish ways and it bears itself in society. But biblical chivalry starts with a humble spirit and a willingness to put the needs of others before one’s own needs. And, while God created men and women equal in value, spirit, and intelligence, He also placed within the male heart a desire to guard and protect the women in his care. God created men and women differently in function and perspective so that we would complement, not compete with one another. Part of a man’s innate bent toward protecting and valuing the beauty of a woman is reflected through chivalrous acts. By deferring to the women in his company like holding doors, helping with coats, rising when she enters, a man is fulfilling that God instilled part of him that needs to honor female beauty. Also good manners are always appropriate for both men and women. Its a bedrock of society to have people live in cleanliness and care for one another. To be courtesy and obedient not only to earthly statue and law, but heavenly law as well. I say its time we live as chivalrous people of God. And instead of rushing our days by with no remorse, lets open the door to Jesus in our lives and allow Holy Spirit to come in before us. Godly chivalry is a way of demonstrating respect for God’s design. Though many people do not conduct themselves in ways that invite chivalry, that does not excuse rudeness on our part. God’s instruction to us is to strive for a gentle and quiet spirit. A person who conducts themselves with such kindness and class finds that people will often respond to them with acts of chivalry.

Study Eph. 5:21


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