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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

God troubles the waters. Stirred or troubled waters may shake up our faith, but God calls us to work through and persevere through our troubled waters. Yes, to go through the troubling of our faith trusting in Christ in order to get on the other side of his promises. The LORD will give us the confidence to be able to walk through muddy and uncalm waters. Too often when we see a part in our journey where the process gets tough, we pause in fear or go in another direction. Remember many times God troubles the waters. He troubles the waters to get us across those great divides in our lives. We will not cross these waters because we doubt and are fearful. We must pursue the promises and cross fearful waters in order to receive the other side of obedience. Obey oh child of God and wade in the water, there is a incredible peace that God promises. For if God never troubles the waters so many would never live by faith and only trust what they can see. There are so many areas in our lives and things we are facing that we need to struggle and fight in. The promises of God are across the Jordan River! May Holy Spirit stir a rise to obedience and authenticity. Are you troubled within? God troubles waters so that you would walk by faith and not by sight. Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will never drown in sorrow and regret.

Study Is. 43:2


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