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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

The LORD is so faithful in the little things that He makes the big and impossible things possible. His attention and patience to detail is matched only by his love for the weighter things like justice, mercy and faithfulness. God sometimes tests us in the mundane experiences of life. Remember that people are watching us not only times of crisis, but also in times of normalcy. If we want to be used by God in the big things we must first be faithful to him in the little things. Imagine what The LORD can do through people who come to the point where they can only put their trust in him. If we are willing to give God the glory we will be amazed what God can accomplish with only just a few. Many believers want to heal the sick and cause the blind to see. But are not even able first to confess their sins and find healing in forgiveness. They are not even willing to take the log out of their own eye so that they can clearly see first. For all of his bigness, our God has a remarkable love for the small. The day of big things is coming. Until then, do not neglect the day of small things.

Study Zech. 4:10


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