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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

Notice me. Like a woman that wants to be noticed for her beauty, her spirit, so God wants to be noticed for his beauty and power. The power of Holy Spirit is like the wind which you don’t know where it came nor where it’s going. But you noticed Him and pursued Him, Him who moves the sails of hearts towards Heaven's Holy Horizon. Yes, Jesus our LORD, The Risen One in our hearts and minds. So many people want to be noticed and accounted for. Take time to thank your leaders, pastors, co workers, and managers. And after that thank God for those in the background that don’t get the limelight but work just as hard. Like the janitors and cleaners. The prayer warriors and the door greeters. When you notice even the least of these you bring glory to your Father in Heaven. For He has people placed in ever aspect of our lives. To the police officer to the stork clerk, to the cashier to the person that makes you food at the store. Watch how they work for the LORD and not just for man. They make your sandwich as if Jesus Himself was going to take a bite. You can find the Spirit of Christ moving throughout this world. Say hello, ask around, see how many testify to the glory of Jesus in their life. Notice somebody today. Notice the beauty of God's Spirit in someone today.

Study Matt. 25:40


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