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Proverbs of a 40 yr old man

The character of a Christian. Jesus has given Christians everything that they need. But they are responsible to use what he has given them. Think about this: we now share Gods nature. The world is suffering because of the effects of evil desires that are in the world. We have been given very great and precious promises in Christ. And through these promises, we can receive God’s nature. In that way we can escape effects of sin and death working in our flesh, and begin to live in the Spirit. As Christians we must aim to become more like Jesus. The old person you were before with that sinful way of thinking needs to be renewed by the Spirit of Christ. You must work hard to add these things to your lives. Yes, now that you trust God, you must develop moral goodness, knowing the difference between what is right and wrong. Increasing your knowledge by growing in relationship with Jesus. Knowing more about Him and what pleases Him. When Christians really know Jesus, they behave differently. They learn to control their own feelings and desires. Living by the word and not by your feelings. This is how the character of a Christian is built up. Being patient and not not giving up when life is difficult. The true Christian knows that God has authority over everything. So Christians should continue even when troubles come. Life is like a race. Christians must patiently run and not give up. They should also remember what God has promised for the future, this will help them to continue to the end. Amen. Also behave in a way that pleases God. Be kind to other Christians. Love all people in the same way that God loves them. Do all these things and continue to do them. Then you will know our Lord Jesus Christ better. And you will be an active and useful Christian. But if someone does not do these things, they cannot see properly. He have forgotten that God has removed their past sins. You have been called a new creation in Christ. A whole new person born again! The old is gone and the new is here! My Christian brothers and sisters, be very eager to show that God has invited you. And show that God has chosen you. If you do these things, you will never fail. And the Lord Jesus Christ will give you a great welcome into his eternal kingdom.

Meditate John 3:3


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