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Tues morning Zoom Battle Prayer link 12/19/23

Tuesday morning zoom battle prayer is on!. Let’s do this! New week, new theme with new topics. Come join with brothers in Christ and let’s grow together in the knowledge of Jesus. The LORD is raising up men that understand the times they are living in and want to pursue stronger relationship with God and each other.

This new week we are starting a new series.

Overall Theme: The Spirit of Christmas. Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christmas.

Many casually mention “the spirit of Christmas” this time of year, often meaning little more than vague goodwill and tame niceness. But here we find another Spirit of Christmas, neither vague nor tame. He is, indeed, a living Spirit, a sovereign Spirit, even a dangerous Spirit — dangerous to all inside of us that is unlike Christ, and to all outside of us that is opposed to Christ. He is a world-invading, wonder-working, devil-spurning, sin-slaying, death-destroying Spirit. Power is his hallmark, and the glory of Christ his aim. Though invisible as the wind, he is mighty as the hurricane. And if his work at times feels slow, he will not stop until Christ is formed in us. So, take courage, Christian. Christmas means more than Christ’s entrance into the world. It means his entrance into you.

Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. Come Holy Spirit. Fill me with Christ's Righteousness.

Tuesday morning zoom battle prayer link:

5:00am-6:00am. Come and go as you can. See you in the morning. Link is also available on the ministry website

Battle music link for the morning:

Remember battle prayer notes are available on ministry forum after zoom session:

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