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Oh To Be Wise

In our sedentary lifestyles we have reduced so much of our motion throwing off our cellular energy. A great majority of people are chronically dehydrated have no thirst for water. This is because they have gotten the body accustomed to reaching only for old fluid for self preservation. Many times when they try to drink water it sits in the stomach rather than being absorbed by cells throughout the body. There is an interesting trick to reverse that. Don’t drink big cups of water drink it in small amounts like shoot glasses. 3 to 5 shoots. Wait 30 minutes and do it again. Do this morning and evening and you will start to notice your mouth getting dry and becoming thirsty. Your thirst mechanism will gradually get back to full functioning order. I can’t help but see this relating to our spiritual life. So many people are thirsty for God and don’t even know it. They have neglected pure water from God through Jesus and slowly have been dehydrating without meaning for life. The water Jesus provides gives refreshment to the soul and peace to your mind. Also many people have slowed there race of faith in Christ. They have become sedentary and no longer thirst to gather with souls or even read the Word of God. They try to fill there belly once in a while with huge amounts of church attendance and Bible study. But it never goes deep into there heart it stays in the stomach of the soul and brings no quenching to their thirst. The best way to start a thirst for God is wetting your lips and mouth and drinking small amounts of spiritual water. Start just praying by yourself and asking God to show you who you are in Him. Read just one verse a day and ask God to blow your mind. Sing a song to God from your heart by yourself. Little by little not trying to cast out demons and prophesying you will start to have a thirst just to be a child of God. You will like just to be in His Presence rather than the tents of the wicked. If sin is in your life be bold, don’t wait to repent two days from now. Ask forgiveness in Christ now and stay in relationship with God. Soon and very soon you will see that you will thirst for a lot more spiritual water than usual. You will start to have peace and meaning found in Jesus. You will want to do more to strengthen your faith and grow in spirit and in truth. Spiritual water that Jesus offers gives you eternal life and purpose till then. You will have a wellspring of life coming out of you that can help refresh those who are thirsty for someone who knows God.

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