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Oh To Be Wise- Meditations

My friend, lift up your head! Look towards the hills where your help comes from. Your Heavenly Father is running this way. You don't have to live as a servant or slave! His servants have a robe and sandals in their hands. I even see a royal ring that shines even from this far away! There are tears of joy in His Eyes, He wants to restore you as son. My brother, can you smell that fattened calf? It's the smell of celebration a child of God has come Home. Even the children of God are present shouting and encouragingly saying, Hosanna to Son of David! From lips of children and infants you, Lord have called out forth praise! Oh Jesus we cry out to you for salvation and you gave us the Cross. From this view of the Cross I see my Heavenly Father running towards with Love in His eyes. His tears wipe away my tears and I am overwhelmed by Grace. Meditate on Luke 15:11-32

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