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Oh To Be Wise-Meditations

Time is the one thing we want more of. Even in sin and suffering we still want time to be with our loved ones and enjoy our everyday lifestyle. Imagine the day when time will have no restraints and joy is not only in the morning. But in the afternoon and in the evening, and even in the setting skies His steadfast love, mercy is newly renewed. Our bodies are hourglasses filled with dust of the earth. Soon we will be filled with full spirit and life for eternity. Till then remember there was a time for you to be born so they will be a time for you to die, should the Lord tarry. Time in this life is consumed my our many breaths. God gives each one of them to us as a gift to know Him. Like the hungry moth our wealth and even our health is eaten away. God uses time for discipline and rebuke to eat away at our flesh. In His Time all things are made beautiful, in His Time. 

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