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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

God made the cheetah very fast and the turtle very slow.  We are neither fast or slow, but could it be in a perfect world that we were meant to chase after cheetahs. And when it got tired it would pant to remind us of the Everlasting God inside us. Or the turtle that is so slow never in a rush. Could it be in a perfect world we were to wait for the turtle and not rush ahead. To enjoy the peace it lives in and walk beside it. The way Adam and Eve walked with God face to face. I am convinced we have the greatest gift of all creation. The ability know God in real consciousness. Even now in a sinful world we can know God through Jesus Christ. God's spirit in us surpasses the energy of a cheetah and the peace of a turtle. Jesus came as a man so we could have the opportunity to know God as our greatest gift.

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