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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

The stomach is a wonderful servant to your body, but can be a terrible master over your soul. We need to feed our spiritual appetite fresh hot food from Gods word to avoid gluttony. Even if the food is cold and frozen, God can heat it up instantly with fire of the Holy Spirit. But if you are eating lukewarm food, the living word being eaten once in awhile. Than it can make you sick in your heart and then be a damage to those who are hot and cold around you. The word for you today is sitting in the microwave and it has become cold because of idleness. Your stomach is full at night but your heart is starving for relationship with Christ. God gave us two hands as a knife and fork to correctly divide the word of truth. Eat up and let Christ be the Master over your soul. Study Matt. 17:19-20

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