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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, you are actively painting a world that had become black and white through sin and death. With our own hands we have smeared the precious life you had prepared for us. Praise be to God! Through the Gospel you are shining light to the dark areas of this world, and hanging your rainbow of peace over the nations. Never again will sin and death be able to flood out the colors of the world. The earth and everything in it praises your name! Even in harshest of places I can see the love of God in Christ. You are adding color to colorless bringing spirit and life to all mankind. By your power you made the earth, you found the world by your wisdom and stretched out the heavens by your understanding. The world is not a glob of paint thrown onto a canvas like many believe. The colors do not evolve over time creating what we see with our naked eye. No, Jesus you set the sketch before the foundations of the world. Everything was colored perfect until man threw black and white all over your precious canvas of a world. Through the Cross though you are bringing back the color to our world. Every time I see a colorful sunset, a green forest, or even a vibrant flying bird, it reminds me you are actively painting in that very moment. Strengthening my faith through each breath taking stroke of your hand on my heart. Color me Lord make me your masterpiece.

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